7.Main base

Nonstaining Antiozonant
Chemical Name 3,9-di-(3: Cyclohexenyl)-2,4, 8,10-tetraoxaspira(5.) Undecane
Chemical Formula C19H2804
Synonym Lanxess vu| kazon afs/LG
CAS NO  6600-31-3
Excellent dynamic protection and excellent anti-oxidant protection,Protect vulcanizates where color and design play a major role,perfectly suit for light color and color rubber products,will not change products'color.
Application 1. Highly effective in CR,CIR and BIR,even without wax.
2. Also used in NR,SBR or blended rubber,and CIR/CR(95/5)blended rubber or inner rubber.
3. No protection from heat oxidation flexing resistance,or rubber poisons,need to synergies with other anti
aging agents.
4. Its non-staining property makes it possible to be used in light color or color products,especially high-level
rubber products,such as
① Profiles,hose,seal,cable,auto parts.
② IR tube,cycle tire,white sidewall,color tire.
③ Sneakers and other leisure products.
④ Latex products,such as latex pillow,mattress and medical bandage