7.Main base

sil 4241
New sulfur-donor Silane Coupling Agent
Chemical Name polyether modified Sulfur donor silan
Chemical Formula /
Synonym /
New sulfur-donor
Silane Coupling Agent
1. Compared with traditional silane,sil 4241 can improve the dispersion of filler in vulcanizate,and decrease the volatiles furing procession.
2. It can promote the cross-linking between fillers and vulcanizate so as to improve vulcanizates' elastic modulus,tensile strength and wear resistance.And at the same time decreae the polarity of filler surface and procession viscosity of vulcanizate,and then improve extrusion and save energy.
3. Compared with traditional sulfur-donor silane like Si69 and Si75,sil 4241,which contains polyether with good adsorptive capacity to filler surface,can enhance the spread of filler so as to improve the vulcanizate properties,and decrease ethanol produced in procession.
Application 1.sil4241 can be applied to rubber recipes contains hydroxyl filler and double bonds polymer:
a)fillers like white carbon black,silicate,white clay,etc
b)rubbers like NR,SBR,IR,BR,NBR.
2. Tire,shoe,industrial rubber product,etc.