5.Processing aids


Chemical Name:N-(cyclohexylthio)phthalimide
CAS NO.:17796-82-6

PVI can prevent early vulcanizing in glue processing, Improving safety. At the same time significantly improve the storage stability of the glue, preventing natural vulcanization phenomena. In NS, M, DM, CBS, semi-effective orefficient systems, to improve the plastic materials capability. No foam, pollution and other adverse effects. Mainly use for natural and synthetic rubber, particularly with sulfenamide accelerators composing a good sulfuration system

** Material Safety Data Sheet / Safety Data Sheet* Product Data Sheet
Tradename Product Form Description Product Data Sheet* MSDS/SDS** Packaging
PVI powder 25kg/bag 
PVI granule 25kg/bag 
PVI oil treat powder 25kg/bag 
PVI powder 20kg/bag 
PVI granule 20kg/bag 
PVI oil treat powder 20kg/bag 
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