Animated Derivative
Chemical Name  Animated Derivative
Chemical Formula /
Synonym Vulcofac ACT 55
Application 1.Tertiary amine complex which acts as a powerful Lewis base with a high catalytic effect. It was originally
developed for use in ethylene acrylate copolymers (ACM/AEM)with acidic pending groups. It activates
the reaction between acidic groups and diamine cross-links.
2.Less amount can achieve the same cross-linking dens as usual activators.
3.In the HDC curing system of ethylene acrylate copolymer,synerging with 18D can replace DOTG while
bring better properties after heat aging.
Based on the following experiment result of ac-55 and Vulcofac act-55 replacing DOTG
in Ethylene Acrylate Copolymer;The two experiment recipes enable the vulcanizates' Mooney
viscosity and cross-linking density increase;Shore A Hardness increases about 5HA;Scorch
time is slightly shortened,while the optimum cure time is a little bit longer;There is an increase
in tensile strength and 100% modulus and decrease in tearing strenght and elongation at
break;And the compression set is slightly influenced.
Ac-55 and Vulcofac ACT-55 have shown similar performance in processing property,curing
property,regular mechanical property,hot air aging property and compression set,so a
conclusion can be drawn that they can substitute each other.