Chemical Name:2,2’-dibenzothiazyl disulfide
CAS NO.:120-78-5

It gives moderate processing safety and moderately fast cures with flat plateau. The vulcanizate characteristics are similar to those obtained with MBT.In fact, MBTS can ofen be used when MBT is too scorchy. Compounds cased on MBTS have slightly better aging and reversion resistance than corresponding ones based on sulfenamides. It can be boosted by use of secondary accelerators to achieve a faster cure and higher modulus.

** Material Safety Data Sheet / Safety Data Sheet* Product Data Sheet
Tradename Product Form Description Product Data Sheet* MSDS Packaging
MBTS(DM)-Acid powder 20kg/bag 
MBTS(DM)-Acid granule 20kg/bag 
MBTS(DM)-Acid oil treat powder 20kg/bag 
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